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The world’s first platform for a Seamlessly connected product experience. 

Re-inventing product interaction and pioneering  #Newretail  through a user-centric end-to-end ecosystem.

SCROBLE Brands Platform

SCROBLE Brand & Retail Platform


User app SCROBLE

SCROBLE creates an autonomous ecosystem and unifies product data, delivers omnichannel syncronization with 360° degree personalisation and digital product accessability.

Client’s Brick & Mortar Store

Physical store - SCROBLE partner
Client’s Online Store
SCROBLE phygital - the confluence of physical and digital retail

One TECHNOLOGY - Unlimited possibilities


The core SCROBLE technology is a universal engine, which can be adopted and integrated into your Brand’s application or solution. Depending on your goals, we can align and apply SCROBLE in the unique enterprise solutions.


We have implemented SCROBLE technology into our ecosystem, where brands can use an all-in-one platform and profit from multi-brand and omnichannel services. Every Brand using our platform makes products automatically shoppable through the SCROBLE User App.


End-to-end Solution - Unlimited opportunities

SCROBLE’s vision is to create a dynamic, data-driven end-to-end ecosystem by re-inventing the retail and product experience. We are bridging the gap between online and offline shopping. 

Brand & Retailer ecosystem of SCROBLE vertical


How to start using SCROBLE’s end-to-endecosystem?

SCROBLE is the world’s first user-centric retail platform that delivers an unprecedented customer journey creating a seamless phygital experience that builds brand loyalty through immersion, interaction and immediate gratification.

SCROBLE is an end-to-end ecosystem reinventing the retail buying experience and enabling a 360°user experience: Access, share and discover products digitally.

This groundbreaking ecosystem allows SCROBLE to capture unique consumer patterns bridging online and offline shopping helping brands eliminate over production while optimizing their supply chain resulting in increased profitability.
D2C Scroble - Access the platform

How to go phygital?

Brands and retailers can create a multi-functional digital product catalogue with instant visibility of all products without using any ads in the SCROBLE application.

The products appear immediately in our AI-driven smart product search-engine and are visible for users in the app.

Products can be uploaded manually or via APIs. We digitize only high-end masterpieces and not necessarily the entire invernoty.
SCROBLE - digitize and manage your products

How to access SCROBLE’s QR codes?

When you upload your collection of products our platform instantly generates QR codes attributed to the newly added products.

Our end-to-end ecosystem and user app enables customers to interact with your retail goods and enter the world of phygital shopping experience by scanning QR codes in-store.

By scanning the label with a unique SCROBLE QR code, customers can digitally access the product information and a source of inspirations anywhere. This allows the retailer to build a new connection with even potential clients and increase sales. Brands and retailers gain also unique insights and the ability to create and deliver personalized marketing solutions for your loyal shoppers.
SCROBLE - Use QR codes

How to integrate your business with SCROBLE?

Connect your products via POS plug-ins and smart links or by simply including your distribution points in your account. Your choice!
Brands with multiple online or physical stores can connect their distribution points within SCROBLE to provide customers with information about where each product is sold.
We are launching additional on-demand features (ERP / PoS plug-in’s) for instant availability approval in the app. These features will be available for both brands and retailers.​
SCROBLE - Use QR codes

How to use SCROBE as a business-intelligence tool?

Enjoy the advantages of the unprecedented connection with users and advanced product data analytics.
The ultimate difference to any existing data analytics tool in the industry is that we observe consumer behavior in a 360° user-product interaction context and we attribute all product interactions (online or offline) to users.
Participate in our ground-breaking project that allows you to capture unique consumer patterns bridging online and offline shopping. SCROBLE offers you robust first- hand data and powerful D2C marketing and communication tools.
SCROBLE - Marketing and data analytics

SCROBLE is solving business challenges


Direct Marketing

Direct Communication

360-degree PRODUCT experience


Product lifecycle


Bridge between online and offile


In-store X Mobile


Which one is your next step?


Brands & Retailers – Get Started!

B2B use cases


Digitize your products

Capture your clients’ preferences and stay connected with them

Get access to unique product lifecycle analytics

Eliminate over-production by observing trends.


's B2B and B2C use cases


Personalised services for clients

D2C Marketing

Multi – Brand & Omnichannel

Optimised costs without retailer commissions

Brand awarness


Be prepared for the future and adapt your business model now.

Brands & Retailers – Get Started!


SCROBLE is a one-of-a-kind multi-brand ecosystem melding online and offline shopping to create a 360-degree-phygital user experience. Our proprietary technology allows users to render digital versions of their favourite garments accessible via the SCROBLE app’s easy-to- use scanning feature which allows customers to interact with garments while in store shopping.

SCROBLE is not a marketplace. Scroble connects distribution points to provide users advanced information on where the products can be purchased, connecting brands and retailers with users instantly.

The usage of labels with QR codes as well as NFC technologies is not a pre-condition. Our platform was constructed to serve businesses with any distribution strategy. Whether you distribute online, offline, or both, you can use SCROBLE. Our platform is flexible and can be adapted as your brand strategy changes. Our product-related QR-codes allow clients to digitally interact with your products. Your brand can choose to implement the labels if you wish to benefit from our unique in-store phygital features for digital and mobile product discovery, capturing clients to staying connected with them.

Our platform was constructed to serve businesses with any distribution strategy. Whether you distribute online, offline, or both, you can use SCROBLE. Our platform is flexible and can adapt to your brand distribution strategy.

SCROBLE’s technology collects the consolidated data anonymously encrypting every transaction while respecting all existing data and privacy regulations including GDPR.

We are entering an open beta testing stage soon and will offer selected businesses free access. Brands that choose to become part of our open beta stage will be given free access to all upgrades as our platform evolves. Please apply to become an early adopter here.

The advantage of the data compiled by SCROBLE’s technology as compared to the existing data in the field of consumer trend predications is the ability to encompass the 360° user-product interaction which automatically captures this data for each of your products.

SCROBLE’s proprietary technology collects more robust data — merging online and offline shopping providing a 360° view of consumer behavior. SCROBLE’s technology anonymously collects the data encrypting every interaction while adhering to all existing data privacy regulations including GDPR.

SCROBLE’s end-to-end platform was created to serve any brand anywhere and anytime.

All products on the platform will use the same format to present the garments. We require high resolution photography using the “ghost mannequin” technique (white background). We will help you establish this format to create a uniform look across the platform. Additionally, complimentary pictures and videos can be used to create lookbooks and branded page presentations.

SCROBLE is a cloud-based technology using the most innovative solutions including, machine learning, AI, and data analytics. Our API’s are based on the REST framework.

All products from all brands become instantly searchable on the app once the brand creates a product catalog. Our system does not use ads or paid promotions to display the products.



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