SCROBLE launches the world’s first fashion retail platform dedicated to meeting shoppers’ demands, brand marketing and sales strategies anywhere and at any time. SCROBLE launches the onboarding stage of the very first end-to-end platform for the phygital fashion retail journey. The revolutionary tool enables brands to access new, ultimate product performance analytics, create a seamless user experience, and deliver unique marketing, besides enhancing their sales and improving sustainability.

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As part of the retail ecosystem, SCROBLE connects fashion brands with users via its first data-driven shopping mobile application (SCROBLE user app), thereby blurring the current, impermeable boundaries between offline and online shopping with unique features for phygital user experience. It has been created to help brands build and strengthen their relationships with their community, develop brand loyalty, and bring back people to the store. Having first launched its features during the pilot stage in Luxembourg in 2020, SCROBLE’s breakthrough innovations have gained incredible feedback with a 93% of brand satisfaction and resulted in strategic partnerships with Microsoft, the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg and the Ernst & Young Innovation programs.

An end-to-end ecosystem—A direct connection between brands and users, creating a unique “consumer journey” and a real “life path.”

More than ever, brands will get to strengthen ties with their customers through a personalized and engaging loyalty program. The conversation about shoppers needs to be at the heart of marketing strategies; thus, the “no-channel” strategy has emerged as a prominent trend among fashion professionals: here, the client needs to be recognized whatever be the channel they use. Digital information must be available everywhere, at any time. The boundaries of what is possible were disrupted during the lockdown, so retail must step up and evolve.

  • 92% of consumers say they want brands to be engaged and have a strong purpose and a positive impact on society.*
  • 92% of consumers say they are ready to consume more local products.**

These are significant trends that need to be taken into account by the retail industry. *EY Study—“Future Consumer Index 2020” **Zeno Study—“The 2020 Strength of Purpose”

A unique offer for brands with multiple advantages of newly invented phygital retail technology.

The SCROBLE platform is designed to do the following:

  1. INCREASE SALES: SCROBLE offers fashion brands a new communication channel with clients to showcase and sell products by making them digitally accessible anywhere and bringing people back in-store, much needed after the global crisis. The unique “Scan” in-store feature allows the shopper to collect relevant information about the garment, save, like, share it and post about it on the SCROBLE app.
  2. IMPROVE MARKETING & DATA: SCROBLE helping fashion brands track shoppers’ needs, interact with the shoppers by posting branded content, inspirations, or offering limited discounts enabled by SCROBLE app. It will also lead to engaging discussion and dialogue between the brand and its community. Moreover, it improves brand awareness and makes the new in-store interaction data available to businesses. As SCROBLE has been designed to be a helpful and personalized communication and sales tool, social communities, customer experience, and loyalty-building will be at the heart of all marketing strategies.
  3. REDUCE OVERPRODUCTION & UNSOLD STOCK: Fashion brands can test their non-produced collections and future designs by digitizing them on the SCROBLE platform. They can collect feedback from SCROBLE’s community and reduce overproduction in the fashion industry by better determining fashion trends. SCROBLE helps also brands to reduce the unsold stock by connecting the product information to the distribution points and providing this information to users in the SCROBLE app.


By joining the SCROBLE platform, brands can become pioneers in phygital user experience.Early adopters of SCROBLE will herald the adoption of a phygital user experience in fashion. SCROBLE’s app is thought and designed to become a key player in marketing and sales channels for brands. The first selected brands that onboard the platform will enjoy visibility and the advantages of becoming the early adopters that are slated to make the fashion retail sector more sustainable and be a game-changer in the industry.

“Retail needs… a big shake-up and that’s precisely what SCROBLE aims to do for fashion retail.”

“To survive, brands and retailers need to bring together convenience and shopper experience. We need to support our retail businesses and our high streets, not just for the shops, but to help bring our communities together.”

Anna Salewski – Founder and CEO of SCROBLE 

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